Newton builds on MacOS

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Newton builds on MacOS

Postby gdesmarais.gsn » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:01 pm

I'm trying to follow the bit of documentation around builds for MacOS, but haven't gotten far. Of course, the Visual Studio projects are not configured for current VS on Mac, and I see xcode projects but haven't figured out how to get them built. I've also tried using cmake in the sdk directory, which does give me a nice makefile, but then hit errors such as:

Code: Select all
In file included from /Users/gdesmarais/src/repos/thirdparty/newton-dynamics/sdk/dgCore/dgMatrix.h:28:
/Users/gdesmarais/src/repos/thirdparty/newton-dynamics/sdk/dgCore/dgVector.h:1952:22: error: use
      of undeclared identifier '_mm_cmpeq_epi64'
                return dgBigVector(_mm_cmpeq_epi64(m_typeIntLow, m_zero.m_typeIntLow), _m...

I would say I'm of middling skill on this, so feel free to flame away. Can anyone point me to a starting point to get the library compiled for mac? Ultimately, I'm trying to get the Unity plug in built, but that'll be another hill to climb (right?).
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