RealityFactory NGD Alpha1 released!!!

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RealityFactory NGD Alpha1 released!!!

Postby uomoartificiale » Mon Oct 29, 2007 3:02 pm

RealityFactory NGD
RealityFactory + NewtonGameDynamics

Download and installation:
1) download the standard version of RealityFactory from here.
2) Install it.
3) Download from here
4) patch the previous RF installation.
5) Launch VideoSetup.exe to setup your graphics, then start the RealityFactory.exe.

You will see seven physics demos that show the current physics features integrated.
The most important:
- Custom Player and AI integrated in the physics world (not using the NGD character container)
- projectile weapons and explosions integrated with the physics engine
- skinned ragdolls
- full working materials with sound and spout effects
- breakable joint
- and more...

All the physics is driven without the need of asingle line of code. You can define all in the editor entities (even the update timestep can be tweaked in the properties, or the solver and friction models).
If you want to hack the demos:
1) launch RFconfig app in the main folder
2) go in the tools folder and launch RFEditPro, then open the source level of one of the seven levels (demo1, demo2, demo3...)
3) enjoy modifying the physics parameters, compile the level and see.

Project Site:
The docs and the news are here...
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Re: RealityFactory NGD Alpha1 released!!!

Postby CoCoNO » Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:22 pm

anyone have the docs cause in thepage the links are broken
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