How are these two thing different? beside one is color.

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How are these two thing different? beside one is color.

Postby Julio Jerez » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:08 am

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Re: How are these two thing different? beside one is color.

Postby Dave Gravel » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:23 am

Yeah! It is not going very well in the world. Not only for this reason, But it is a important one.
In the social network like facebook and others it is very discouraging to read peoples.
I'm not so sure that social networks really help people to evoluate at a better state for the world.
Now childrens is educated from it and from youtube videos.
You can see many people saying to don't trust tv media but they argumenting with bad youtube videos of conspiracy.
They talking like they know everything about every subjet, Many talk with no sens and very not intelligible thinkings. Or you have other persones trying to blasting everyone and get the attention.
Many children is badly educated by the parents, They try to remove any religions and they having forget many important lesson learn from it. Or somes religious try to rewrite the old books in her thinking way, It's not really better. I'm not a big religious persone but I have learn many importants things from it and the most important is to respect others and everyone is egal and not only about the color. I wish many changes in the world for my childrens but I think it can only happen when the earth do by self a big cleanup from all technology. It is not cool to say or think about it but I can't imagine a good future from what I see now... :cry: Soon we are going to get the Moronic Age and with the today technology it is a very bad thing.
Sorry about my english for explain things.
You search a nice physics solution, if you can read this message you're at the good place :wink:
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