Joints on Exact and Contacts on Iterative Solver

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Joints on Exact and Contacts on Iterative Solver

Postby AntonSynytsia » Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:18 pm

Hello Juleo,

I was working with joints and found that joints behave better on exact solver than on iterative solver, particularly 4 passes. I can of course use exact solver or iterative solver with 64 passes; however, models that contain a significant amount of dynamic bodies often cause lag in simulation. I was wondering if it's possible to simulate joints on exact solver while have the collision and contacts processing on iterative solver, 4 passes for best performance. Is it possible to make it work that way?

Perhaps a function like, NewtonWorldSetJointSolverModel(world, solver).
Pass -1 to use world solver model.
Pass any other positive value to use the desired solver model for joints.
By default the value is -1 (using world solver model).
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