correct sth wrong in the irrlicht integration tutorial

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correct sth wrong in the irrlicht integration tutorial

Postby Neo » Mon May 14, 2012 6:30 am

The original topic is here:
i copied the code directly into vs2008, set project configure, then compile, however, there were several errors(sorry, i forgot to print screen)
Here's how i fix it:
1st, my irrlicht engine version is 1.7.1, so this tutorial must be writen in the old engine, thus the defination of size of window (in the line:createDevice), should
use type:u32, otherwise, compiler would report errors.
2nd, the function NewtonCreateBody() now has 3 params,origin code miss the 3rd param. Besides, the 3rd parameter cannot be NULL...My game crashed many times
on this point.
Last, the member M in class matrix4 is a private member, it cannot be used directly, so vs2008 would tell you this every time when meet the code: &xxx.M[0].(XXX is a data in type matrix4), the way to fix it is deadly simple: use &xxx[0] instead of &xxx.M[0]. Irrlicht has provide the function operator[]() to visit every specific unit in M directly.
Have fun making games!:)
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