Newton Vehicle Add Tire Question

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Newton Vehicle Add Tire Question

Postby TreantBG » Fri May 04, 2012 10:32 am

The problem is that i cant see where Newton engine put my vehicle tiers.
I cant see them because i use Andorra 2D, and basically i programmed my vehicle class in blind.

Now i set the position of my tiers like this
Code: Select all
TireMatrix:=AdMatrix_Translate(20, 10, 0);
AddTire(TireMatrix, 10, 10);

the function AdMatrix_Translate is:
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AdMatrix_Identity : TAdMatrix = ((1,0,0,0),(0,1,0,0),(0,0,1,0),(0,0,0,1));
function AdMatrix_Translate(const tx,ty,tz:single):TAdMatrix;
  result := AdMatrix_Identity;
  result[3,0] := tx;
  result[3,1] := ty;
  result[3,2] := tz;

The procedure AddTire calls this:

Code: Select all
constructor TNewtonTire.Create(pVehicle : TVehicle; pMatrix : TAdMatrix; pWidth, pRadius : Single);
 tireMass             : Single;
 tireSuspensionShock  : Single;
 tireSuspensionSpring : Single;
 tireSuspensionLength : Single;
 tirePin              : TAdVector3;
  tireMass             := pVehicle.Mass/20;
  tireSuspensionLength := 0.3;
  tireSuspensionSpring := (200 * 9.8) / 0.3;
  tireSuspensionShock  := 2 * Sqrt(tireSuspensionSpring);
  TirePin := AdVector3(0, 0, 1);
  ID:=Integer(NewtonVehicleAddTire(pVehicle.VehicleJoint, @PMatrix[0,0], @TirePin.X, tireMass, pWidth, pRadius,tireSuspensionShock, tireSuspensionSpring, tireSuspensionLength, self, 0));
  NewtonVehicleSetTireMaxLongitudinalSlideSpeed(pVehicle.VehicleJoint, Pointer(ID), 500);

Could you explain me how the matrix for tiers works. How to set them in their appropriate place. and what size to give them for my Car box with size 200 width and 100 height and 100 Z tall.
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