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Help Creating Joint

Postby mway » Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:45 pm

Hi all,

I have tried to build this joint myself, but could only get so far, so I am looking to commission somebody to do it for me. Here is a basic description:

I need joints exactly the same as the ones used by CustomRagDoll in the demos, except I need them to be powered. Basically they need to accept 6 values, each representing the magnitude of positive and negative torques in each joint axis (x,y,z). So if you could imagine the ragdolls arm whereby the elbow rotates about the joints x axis, then a positive x torque value would close the joint, whilst a negative x torque value would open the joint. The problem comes if both the positive and negative torques are large but equal. If you set say the postive x torque to 100.0 and the negative x torque to -100.0, then the joint should essentially become stiff/rigid. As newton only deals with the net torque (NewtonBodyAddTorque), then the previous example would result in a net torque of 0.0, and relax the joint.

If anyone could help me build this, or build it for me, please name your price. If you need any further info let me know. Also bear in mind, I am not trying to move joints with target positions in mind, I am simply trying to add both positive and negative torques, the same way our muscles work in a push/pull fashion.

Thanks in advance.
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