PlayerController 2.33

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PlayerController 2.33

Postby FSA » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:59 am

before I start, I want tell you that I'm a german. So please dont be so hard with my text ;)
My problem is that my PlayerController(NewtonSDK 2.33) dont interact with dynamic Bodies. When I walk to a dynamic body the player stop, but the dynamic body don't move.
After some time(~2-3Seconds)the dynamic body move (while i walking on/to it) :shock: Why? I thinking, that I unfreeze all Bodies. But then i have a too long physic time. I create a Player controller like the Tutorial in NewtonSDK 2.33.
Can anybody help me?
And sorry for my bad english :oops:
I think that was the wrong section sry. Please move th Thread ;)
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