Wanted: a model of the whole body

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Wanted: a model of the whole body

Postby BillPCT » Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:33 pm

Hello from Bill Powers, a combination newbie and outsider --

The quickest self-intros: http://www.billpct.org, and also http://www.PCTweb.org

My interest in the Newton physics engine: to develop or get a component for Delphi (XE) specifying a human body for use in developing a control-system model of a brain for the whole system. The component should provide joint angle sensors for all joints and force/torque input to all joints and other movable parts (like the torso and spine). It's clear from looking at the demos of Newton that for me to develop this model would probably take the rest of my sentient life (I'm 84 and don't learn quite as fast as I used to). "Get" sounds a lot more like the method of choice for me than "develop."

So is there anyone who would like to join a scientific revolution and work with me (and others) to get this test-bed up and running? What you get out of it will be mostly the fun of doing it, but if we succeed, also the most realistic behavior yet seen in a model of human organization. Check out the URLs above. The first one goes to a collection of demonstrations of human control behavior and control theory in general; the second one to an intro to Perceptual Control Theory put together by the department of psychological sciences at the University of Manchester, England.

Thanks in advance ....

Bill Powers
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