Need help with joint stiffness

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Need help with joint stiffness

Postby Scarabol » Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:02 am


im using joint's to connect the single parts of the model. Each joint has stiffness at 1.0f like this:
Code: Select all
NewtonJointSetStiffness(link, 1.0f);

When i start the physic simulation everything works well, see this:

But when i add torque to the wheels, all the joints fail and move off their original positions, like this:

Can someone give me some help with this?
Im don't understand why the joints are so soft even with a Stiffness of 1.
It doesn't matter if the mesh weights 60.000 or 6.000 the joint's behave the same, wrong way :-(

Thx in advance!
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