Best values for vehicle attributes?

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Best values for vehicle attributes?

Postby Steven04 » Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:23 pm

I'm working with the Leadwerks Game Engine. And this uses the Newton Physik Engine. I want to make a small car racing game. So I need very realistic vehicle physik. I use only the vehicle commands. And i want to know, which are the best values for the physic attributes? I know, I can try it out, but then the car is always very unrealistic. So do you have experience in this? Or is there a good open source vehicle demo?
This are the attributes which i can change:
- Chassis Mass
- Chassis Scale
- Tire Mass
- Tire Width
- Tire Radius
- Tire tirefriction
- Tire suspensionLengt
- Tire suspensionSpring
- Tire suspensionShock
- Tire Position coordinates
I think this are the standard attributes. It would be great when you say a few values.
Thanks for every answer and greetings, Steven
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