Skeleton attached bodies + movement collision.

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Skeleton attached bodies + movement collision.

Postby koirat » Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:55 pm

This is my first post here (as i remember), hello everybody.

I'm an ogre3d user trying to incorporate Newton into my project. What i basically made so far is. I have created my world with newton. My game models are animated by bones. To this bones i attach collision shapes (newton bodies) every time I'm animating my model i set new position and orientation for them. The whole model (humanoid) is inside capsule shaped body. This body is used to move my model around the world by manipulating it's velocity.
Problem is that my model is changing its bounding box very often, for example when it runs it leans forward pulling it's head out of capsule and penetrating another objects. I was thinking about changing single capsule into multiple bodies connected somehow with each other so when one body collide with a wall the rest of this movement bodies are going to stay in place. Also i need a flexibility when it comes to changing this separate bodies position, i need to be able change it every frame. Kind of fixed join where bodies are always with the same relation (position orientation), and where i can change this relation without rebuilding everything.
If you have got some other solution to my problem I will gladly hear your opinion.
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