Strange vehicle slowdowns (not performence stuff!! :) )

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Strange vehicle slowdowns (not performence stuff!! :) )

Postby LordSimonXp » Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:56 am

Hi guys,

I've got a strange problem-
I use TV6.5 and the build in version of newton.
I build a vehicle demo (level[simple plane], Object[a sphere] and a car)
and everything works fine and smoothe the problem is, when I have a collision with a sphere
(or an other object) it happens sometimes that the car slowsdown and only a "jump" (simply saying moving the car a few inches over the fground and letting it fall) helps - and the car has the sam speed as before..

The thing is that I don't change the speedup code after a colision.
It is allways something like that:
Code: Select all
             if (eVar.input.IsKeyPressed(CONST_TV_KEY.TV_KEY_UPARROW))
                    eVar.physics.SetVehicleWheelTorque(gCarClass.car_ID, gCarClass.rlw, 5000, -100);
                    eVar.physics.SetVehicleWheelTorque(gCarClass.car_ID, gCarClass.rrw, 5000, -100);


has anyone an idea what is going on?

with best regrads

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