NewtonSDK 2.0 : CustomMultiBodyVehicle

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NewtonSDK 2.0 : CustomMultiBodyVehicle

Postby osknoes » Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:32 pm

I'm working with the newtonsdk 2.0 to get a vehicle in my scene. After few days of work and looking to other posts in the forum I start to understand how CustomMultiBodyVehicle works.

Now, I have a box simulating the chassis of the car and colliding with a plane. I saw that I can add torque, steering, ... to the tires, but not on CustomMultiBodyVehicle, because the functions are not implemented.

Now, I don't know if with tire's functions its enough to drive the car (and if so, how should it do it...) or if I need to implement those functions on my own.

Thanks in advance!
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