My bodies freeze in mid air.

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My bodies freeze in mid air.

Postby Julio Jerez » Sat Jan 14, 2006 3:02 pm

My bodies freeze in mid air.

Starting with version 1.5 bodies outside the visrual world are removed from the list of active bodies.
This is different than previous versions in which bodies outside the world keep been updated, this behaviors will eventually lead to slow down and crashes as floating point numbers on some CPU architecture generate internal expectation, also may lead to random crash.

With 1.5 as soon as a body is completely outside of the world in is remove for the active list and the function callback is called once to notify the application.

To prevent this form happening the application should set the appropriate world size by calculating the size of the active world and padding with some reasonable values, and calling the funtion NewtonSetWorldSize.

The default world size is the box p0 (-100, -100, -100) p1 (100, 100, 100)

It is recommended that the world size is set appropriately, a box twice or 4 time the size of the world is a good value, extremely large sizes will severally degrade the performance of the course resolution collision culling phase resulting in a n body collision problem.
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