Newton Game Dynamic for 3d Game Studio 1.5 Patch

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Newton Game Dynamic for 3d Game Studio 1.5 Patch

Postby Julio Jerez » Sun Feb 15, 2004 2:48 pm

Newton Game Dynamics for 3D Game Studio Path 1.5 has been released.
The new plug-in can be downloaded from the dowload page of Newton Game Dynamics. The New Plugin replace the previous one. The download title is:

Newton Game Dynamics integration with 3DGS A5/A6. Version 1.5

New Features with this release:
- Splash screen is optional (to remove the splash screen comment out the line NewtonShowLogo() from the NewtonMainLoop. To change the splash screen modify the NewtonShowLogo(). Just remember the license agreement, we just want to be recognized for using the engine)
- Buoyancy force base on Archimedes law for fluids.
- Several contact manipulation functions (allowing for sliding surfaces and other effects).
- Vehicle joints (partial implementation).

Missing Features:
- Rag doll
- Ability to prevent tunneling thought walls
- More joints
- More collision primitives

Due to the amount of overlapping work between the GS plug-in and the general purpose SDK the missing features are being developed in parallel with the SDK. They will be released together when the SDK is released.

Also with this release you will find several demos to help you get familiar with the new actions. You will find:

- Assembly line. Demo that implements a conveyor belt using the new contacts properties. By Newton
- Buoyancy. Demo that shows the new buoyancy force applied to bodies. By Newton
- Water. Another Buoyancy and box stacking game. Move the ball around and try to knock the boxes into the pool. Use the w, s, a, d, and space key to move and fly. Use the mouse to change the camera angle. (There is a more advanced version of this demo were the water is animated with a vertex shader, but it was removed because of compatibility issues. Contact Ventilator for a copy of the demo)
- Rag doll. General demo using many of Newton features. Shoot everything until it breaks. By Eka
- Rover. Simple demo showing how to setup vehicles. Move around the terrain using w, s, d, a, key to control the vehicle. (There is not sky in this demo, so you will see graphic glitches). By Newton
- Forklift. More advanced vehicle. This demo uses the rover and adds more functionality to it.
- Pool game. A simple full game showing: per polygon material properties, balls with dry friction action applied, and it uses sub physics steps in order to achieve accurate collision. By Ventilator
- All previous demos shipped with 1.0

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