Patch 1.1 Released

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Patch 1.1 Released

Postby Julio Jerez » Fri Jan 02, 2004 1:35 pm

Because the feature least for patch 1.1 has grown somewhat large. We decided to split the release in two.
Version one is patch 1.1 and can be downloaded now here:

Version two will be call Newton Game Dynamic 2.0. Release date is plan for the end of January, but it still subject to change.
The reasons for this is that the complexity of implementing some of the features as well as testing have delayed the completion of the plugging more than We estimated.

Patch 1.1 is basically release 2.0 with the new features Hidden.
In our test has shown to be 100% compatible with 1.0
Thing fixed in this patch are among others:
- Collision with polygon edge for Block and Terrain has been fixed
- Rectangular terrains are process correctly.
- The dll is between 30% to 60% faster than 1.0 (specially for largest piles)
- The impulse bug was left as 1.0 for compatibility.
- Lots of internal minor bug you were seeing as misbehaviors of the physics but were really bugs

The Feature least for Release 2.0 are
- Blocks can have per polygon material id (physics material that is)
- Interface to contact material from contact events (allow for special effect like conveyor belt, and non coulomb friction model)
- Buoyancy force
- Vehicles
- Character
- New generic conic collision primitive
- New Joints (slides, universal, path follow, etc)

To install 1.1 just unzip the file, and replace the old newton.dll with the new one.
We hope that 1.1 help those trying to use NGD on their projects
Newton 8)
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