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Postby Lax » Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:47 pm

Hi folks,

I'm working quite a long time on a Game-Engine, called the NOWA-Engine (NativeObjectWorldArchitecture-Engine). I waited a long time to post this here, because I always thought, that I did not made enough progress to post something. But as I do this as hobby with restricted time, I think I will never finish. So why not post the current progress.

I was really happy back then, when I found out about newton and OgreNewt. Thanks for providing such a great physics-engine.

Really cool would be the creation of OgreNewt 3.0 to use newton 3.0.
I looked a little bit at the Newton 3.0 source code, but its really different from 2.0. I unfortunately do not have time and not enough experience, to build a wrapper for newton 3.0.

Contained components of the NOWA-Engine:

  • Graphics-Engine: Ogre-Engine 1.9
  • Physics-Engine: OgreNewt 2.0 (Port of Physics-Engine: “Newton Game Dynamics”)
  • Audio: OgreAL (Port of 3D-Audio library OpenAL)
  • Network: RakNet
  • Particle-Effects: Particle Universe
  • Ogre Realtime Shader: RT Shader System
  • Ogre Terrain: Ogre Terrain System
  • Sky/Weather simulation: Caelum
  • Water simulation: Hydrax
  • Scripting: Lua
  • Pathfinding Recast navigation: OgreRecast
  • Paged Geometry Instancing: PagedGeometry
  • Wii-Controller input system: WiiUse
  • Split meshes: MeshSplitter
  • GUI: MyGui

I use Ogitor intensively to create the virtual environments.

My dream is to create a complex MetroidVania game, with inventory, shop system, a lot of game mechanics. I made some tests and created 2,5D Jump 'n' Run demo:

Some other tests:

See my homepage ( for detailed information about the engine.

I still do not know where It goes with the engine, maybe I will release the source code on github.

If somebody wants to know about some implementation details, or techniques, please ask.

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Re: NOWA-Engine

Postby Sweenie » Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:48 am

Good stuff :D

Any plans to upgrade to Ogre 2.1?
I suspect you are using some Ogre plugins that aren't supported in 2.1 yet.
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Re: NOWA-Engine

Postby Lax » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:54 pm


I will/must upgrade some day. But as you said, I'm using a lot of external libraries, which are by themselves not compatible with Ogre2.1. yet. So I will wait until Ogre will be officially announced and people start to adapt external modules.
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Re: NOWA-Engine

Postby Lax » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:10 pm

I'm now porting to Ogre2.1 OgreNewt is nearly ported, besides the debug collision lines, because ManualObject's will not work correctly.
I'm and another user of the Ogre forum (tod) are planning to create OgreNewt3.0 with newton3.0.
Julio started to create ogrenewton project:
Are there any plans in continuing the development? What I saw so far in the example, looks and behaves great!

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