Bigrigs for you Julio.

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Bigrigs for you Julio.

Postby Dave Gravel » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:34 am

Demos Alpha test: ...

Load the script Scene3
If you like to modify something load the auxiliary script MultiBodyVehicle
I don't have finish all configuration i'm far to have finish what I preparate.
I can post here later the futur version.
Currently only the bigrigs is configured for drive in this demo.
I need to finish the configuration for other vehicle.
I'm waiting because the vehicle class in the script need a better implementation in some parts.
The bigrigs mass center is a little bit high, this can give undesired effects.
I have a idea on how fix it by make the mass center depending from the desired speed.
Anyway I see about it later when the script can use more variables from my oxNewton, it's not really a problem.

You can use keyboard arrow for drive,
space for brake,
zoom with mouse wheel,
pick with left mouse,
rotate view with right mouse.
In menu editor you can hide the script editor for have a bigger view.

Sorry about the unfinished stuff, i'm just not fixed again about what to use like track and vehicle models for my little idea project.
PS: The demo can seen a little bit more long to load, some mesh is not really make for game use.
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