(MMOFPS) First Person Shooter Untitled, Work In Progress

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(MMOFPS) First Person Shooter Untitled, Work In Progress

Postby dudeabot » Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:20 am


Hello, first of all ive been reading the forums quite a time ago, but hadnt useful things to post :)

heres our project, if anyone wants to join take a look at "contributors" section

i put our lastest release on the "download" section!

OpenAl (OgreAL)
Gecko Wrapper (Navi)
Newton (OgreNewt)

Tools Used
3D Studio Max

Programming Language

Last Videos


Online First Person Shooter, with progressive experience, and differents ranks and levels of players (each level allowing the player to gather more weapons/accessories than the anteciding)

The concept of MMO is because in the upcoming releases of the engine, players will be able to battle for experience/money, as well as trade their items with another players.

No match will be equal to another played match :)

For the first releases we will focus on FPS online gameplay, and gameplay modes.

Every colaborator will have its share if the game becomes commercially avaliable. And they will hold the right of the content produced.

the models I have been using are public domain, or permit use for testing purposes. They are useful for testing the engine, but it will be necessary much more to complete the game.

The game already features simple deathmatch network (using raknet), network interpolation (EPIC), basic bot AI, and FPS mechanic.

There is also ragdoll viewers and editors for the level, hitboxes, etc.

but we still lack in artists, mainly modelers. Most of the actual content is just a placeholder found on free 3d models site. If you are interested in helping the project, pm me or contact at valdir_salgueiro[at]yahoo.com.br .

here are the open spots:

3D modeller
UI Designer (Flash Interface)
Shader Programmer
Audio Composer

Modelers: model main characters, and some enemies tat can work as bots, model objects like houses, weapons, furniture for inner levels, etc

Designers: design levels (level editor is in progress), HUDs, menus (HTML and Flash), CustScenes


OpenAl Runtime
http://developer.creative.com/articles/ ... =38&aid=46

If you want to host, just choose Create Server in the first screen.

To join a host, choose "Find Host", a lobby should open, choose the srever and you are ready to go!

For your server to appear on the lobby list you might need to allow the firewall gives access to the following host:

http://gamesportfolio.com/EWlobby/ ( )


A,W,S,D -> movement
mouse left button -> shoot
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