Newton Dynamics Contract

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Newton Dynamics Contract

Postby dinther » Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:46 pm

(My apologies if I posted this on the wrong forum)

Dinther Product Design Ltd has been working on a medical procedure simulator for over 1 year. During this time the project has grown and now involves Electronics engineers, Industrial designers and 3D modelling artists.

The simulator POC software has been developed in Delphi but we need a skilled C++ developer to take the software to a professional level.

The software essentially loads a 3D model, creates some dynamic geometry and uses the Windows HID API to take inputs from custom electronics which are passed on to the Newton dynamics Physics engine. The provided 3D model is of a very high quality custom produced for this project. The model makes use of hi-res textures, normal maps, specular maps and displacement maps. The rendered imagery needs to be of high quality making full use of vertex and pixel shaders in order to achieve blur effects and pixel level light attenuation.

We want to use a well proved 3D engine such as Ogre because it will run on a wide range of Windows hardware platforms. Also the native API to Newton dynamics is easier in C++

We are looking for a serious and skilled C++ programmer ideally with experience in:

- Ogre or similar quality 3D engines
- vertex and pixel Shaders
- Newton Dynamics
- Windows HID API
- 3D math

This is a serious project for which we need this position filled ASAP by a committed individual.

More information can be provided once a Non Disclosure Agreement has been signed. Following that we can engage in rate negotiations. Note that we require the copy rights to all the source code written under this contract.

Feel free to ask questions on this thread which I will try to answer as detailed as is possible without an NDA

Please apply by email via
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