Class project: 3rd person shooter... well kind of

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Class project: 3rd person shooter... well kind of

Postby ragansi2k » Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:41 pm

Well here I am bearing it all. Currently I am finishing up my last programming class for my video game programming degree. We are currently working on a simple game.. well we hope. This game is going to be a third person shooter. similar in concept to "black shades". We are keeping the objects simple since none of us are artists. This project should have the following features.

shader based effects: behaviors based on the types of shaders applied to the object. ie a shader that would jiggle things if they could be effected my telekinesis, or a flame shader that would cause objects that can be effected by pyrokenisis to start to flow, and eventualy catch fire should certain criteria be met.

multiple control interface types: keyboard,mouse,wii-mote, and another ir device not sure the name it is worn on the head though we will probibly retro fit it for use with the hands. The controls will allow for interaction with objects though movment, ie if i wave my hand with the wii-mote should be able to move or effect objects. Gestural controls basicly.

all objects in the game will have physics applied to them, through the use of the newton lib and anything else i can come up with. basicly this is where i will be working. some examples include: on death of enemy they fall apart, this shouldnt be to bad since they are made up of rectangles. ability to blow off pieces of the enemy. ie hit the arm hard enough it falls off, or be effected in some visible way.

Timeframe: 10 weeks. lol ok not much time but you work with what you got lol.

i know it doesnt seem fleshed out at the moment, we are currently doing some technology testing for the first 2 weeks, from there we will decide what we can do with the story and have a better understanding of where we want to go with gameplay.

As this project develops i will keep posting information. I may also be asking questions here and there concerning the newton lib.

well off to the land of no sleep and lots of caffine
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