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Postby Lax » Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:47 pm

Hi folks,

I'm working quite a long time on a Game-Engine, called the NOWA-Engine (NativeObjectWorldArchitecture-Engine). I waited a long time to post this here, because I always thought, that I did not made enough progress to post something. But as I do this as hobby with restricted time, I think I will never finish. So why not post the current progress.

I was really happy back then, when I found out about newton and OgreNewt. Thanks for providing such a great physics-engine.

Really cool would be the creation of OgreNewt 3.0 to use newton 3.0.
I looked a little bit at the Newton 3.0 source code, but its really different from 2.0. I unfortunately do not have time and not enough experience, to build a wrapper for newton 3.0.

Contained components of the NOWA-Engine:

  • Graphics-Engine: Ogre-Engine 1.9
  • Physics-Engine: OgreNewt 2.0 (Port of Physics-Engine: “Newton Game Dynamics”)
  • Audio: OgreAL (Port of 3D-Audio library OpenAL)
  • Network: RakNet
  • Particle-Effects: Particle Universe
  • Ogre Realtime Shader: RT Shader System
  • Ogre Terrain: Ogre Terrain System
  • Sky/Weather simulation: Caelum
  • Water simulation: Hydrax
  • Scripting: Lua
  • Pathfinding Recast navigation: OgreRecast
  • Paged Geometry Instancing: PagedGeometry
  • Wii-Controller input system: WiiUse
  • Split meshes: MeshSplitter
  • GUI: MyGui

I use Ogitor intensively to create the virtual environments.

My dream is to create a complex MetroidVania game, with inventory, shop system, a lot of game mechanics. I made some tests and created 2,5D Jump 'n' Run demo:

Some other tests:

See my homepage ( for detailed information about the engine.

I still do not know where It goes with the engine, maybe I will release the source code on github.

If somebody wants to know about some implementation details, or techniques, please ask.

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Re: NOWA-Engine

Postby Sweenie » Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:48 am

Good stuff :D

Any plans to upgrade to Ogre 2.1?
I suspect you are using some Ogre plugins that aren't supported in 2.1 yet.
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Re: NOWA-Engine

Postby Lax » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:54 pm


I will/must upgrade some day. But as you said, I'm using a lot of external libraries, which are by themselves not compatible with Ogre2.1. yet. So I will wait until Ogre will be officially announced and people start to adapt external modules.
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