Windows build problems: MinGW and visual studio

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Windows build problems: MinGW and visual studio

Postby godlike » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:10 am

I'm sad to be reporting build issues once again. This time on windows.

When trying to build with a recent mingw it complains about __m128 and similar intrinsics. It seems that Newton relies on _MINGW_32_VER and _MINGW_64_VER but those are not defined at all. Mingw exposes __MINGW32__ and __MINGW64__. That's easy to fix but it fails again somewhere down the line with some errors around dllimport.

When trying CMake with visual studio it also fails which is odd. This time it complains about NewtonMeshCreateTetrahedraIsoSurface and the fact it has dllimport. Also missing tinyxml.h files etc.

Long story short it seems CMake project doesn't work well on windows. If you exclude the small errors the serious ones are with dllimport.
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