very rare bug in release

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very rare bug in release

Postby e3dalive » Tue May 19, 2015 5:33 am

happens in dgCollisionConvex.cpp on 2685 line
something is wrong with edgeClipped, probably NULL or corrupted[happens when i collide cvx car with trgl building made with scene collision.
Some form of interpenetration bug.
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if (count == 2) {
            dgPerimenterEdge* const newEdge = &subdivision[edgeIndex];
            newEdge->m_next = edgeClipped[1];
            newEdge->m_prev = edgeClipped[0];
            edgeClipped[0]->m_next = newEdge;
            edgeClipped[1]->m_prev = newEdge;

            newEdge->m_vertex = &output[0];
            edgeClipped[1]->m_vertex = &output[1];
            poly = newEdge;

            output += 2;
            edgeIndex ++;
            //dgAssert (output < &pool[sizeof (pool)/sizeof (pool[0])]);
            dgAssert (edgeIndex < dgInt32 (sizeof (subdivision) / sizeof (subdivision[0])));

i will try to get more info, but i only saw that bug happens once in release
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