Problems using newton toolboxs

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Problems using newton toolboxs

Postby yoshy » Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:39 pm

Hello everybody. I'm new at newton game dynamics. I'm trying to make a simulator for a robot for my investigation work. but I'm having a problem. When I try to use one of the classes that are not in the newton lib, it always gives me a undefined reference to the constructor. For instance...

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OGLModel* robot;

robot = new OGLModel;

this will produce:

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"undefined reference to OGLModel::OGLModel()..."


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"undefined reference to OGLModel::~OGLModel()"

I'm working on Linux and using the g++ compiler. I imagine that it may be a trivial problem to some of you but it's giving me a headache. So if someone could help me I hould appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
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